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Residential Management Services

Whether you own a single family home, townhome, condominium or apartment complex; Freedom Property Management can assist you with the Management and Leasing of your property.

Lease Only Service

  • Consultation with suggestions of maintenance and upgrades to attract qualified tenants
  • List property in MLS for rent
  • Place ‘For Rent’ sign & lockbox on property
  • Extensive advertising for the property
  • Process rental applications to include full Credit History, Criminal Background Checks, Employment and Rental References and Income Verification
  • Coordinate with owner for final approval of applicant
  • Preparation and coordination of VRLTA Lease and HOA documents
  • Conduct lease signing and move-in inspection, including full digital photography of inside and outside of home
  • Collect and disburse 1st month’s rent and security deposits

Management Service

  • Collect monthly rent via cash, check or electronic payment
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service
  • Take requests for repairs and communicate with owner for approvals (over $250)
  • Organize and supervise all vendor activity
  • Coordinate with HOA for approvals and issues
  • Pay approved repair invoices, HOA dues and mortgage payments
  • Pay monthly disbursement to owner via electronic payment
  • Send and upload monthly statement of activity to owner
  • Prepare, send and upload end of year statements and 1099’s
  • Conduct an inspection of the property every 6 months to include photo documentation
  • Report to owner any recommended maintenance items
  • Negotiate and prepare lease renewals
  • Coordinate tenant move-out process to include inspection with pictures, evaluation of repairs, and disbursement of security deposit
  • Coordinate cleaning and repairs for new tenants, as needed
  • Legal Processing, including eviction, judgment and garnishment

Vacant Property Management

Our attentive management services to vacant properties ensure that your home is ready for prospective tenants, or for you to reoccupy, as well as to lessen the deterioration of your property.

  • Monthly interior and exterior evaluation of the property with full report uploaded to Owner Portal. This includes:
    • Flush toilets and run faucets
    • Check every room for evidence of water intrusion, damage or forced entry
    • Replace light bulbs with bulbs provided in the home
    • Set thermostat according to season
    • Change furnace filters every 60 days with filters provided
    • Change batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, as necessary with batteries provided
  • Arrange for repairs and seasonal maintenance with FPM approved contractors, including:
    • Landscaping: mow lawn, remove leaves, weed and mulch beds
    • Trim and prune shrubs away from structures
    • Remove snow and ice from driveway and sidewalks
    • Clean gutters and downspouts
    • Winterize, and de-winterize, hose spigots and irrigation systems